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Charging Policies
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Charging Policies
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Charge Guidelines for 2019-2020


Ø All meals must be paid for in advance of consuming them


ØChild(ren) should bring money first thing Monday morning


ØPlease pay for a minimum of one week at a time, if at all possible. We suggest keeping at least $5-7 in your child's account at all times, if you are a full-paying or reduced-paying household.


ØThe charge limit will be set at $12.50


Ø Á la carte items may not be charged for any reason


ØStudents who charge a meal will receive a reimbursable meal


ØEmployees of Elmore County Public Schools are NOT allowed to charge a meal


ØGuests/Visitors of Elmore County Public Schools are NOT allowed to charge a meal


ØChildren that accrue charges will have written notifications sent home weekly


ØStudents whose parents have applied for Free and Reduced Meals must still pay for meals until approval is official. Benefits are not retro-active. Parents are responsible for ALL meals their child(ren) eat until official approval is made by the Child Nutrition office. This can take up to 10 days. A notification letter will be sent home. Parents who are waiting for approval from the Child Nutrition office for Free and Reduced meals must provide for student meals by sending money or packing a lunch.


Ø  When the limit ($12.50) is reached, elementary students and students with disabilities will be given an alternate meal which will include a turkey or cheese sandwich (cereal at breakfast), fruit, and milk until full payment is received. Middle school and high school students will not be allowed to charge more than $12.50 and will not have the option of receiving an alternate meal.

Ø  There is no charge for utilizing the My School Bucks website to view a student's account balance, activity, or to receive low balance emails. There is a small transaction fee to deposit funds into a student's account; however, you can allocate funds to more than one student account per deposit. The site can be accessed at Please take advantage of this helpful and convenient service.