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Charging Policies
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Charging Policies

Charge Guidelines for 2016-2017 

Ø  The charge limit will be set for one week ($12.50) for reimbursable lunches only.


Ø Breakfast charges are only allowed for K-3rd grade for one week ($7.50).

Ø  When the limit (five charges) is reached, the student will be sent to the office or to the principal to contact the parent/guardian. The student may also try to borrow from peers, if so desired.


Ø  Students without money, who have reached the limit, will not receive a meal. There is no longer an alternative meal due to the new meal pattern from USDA.

Pre-K thru 3rd grade and all special needs students will be allowed to charge over the limit. CNP is required to feed these students.

Ø  Managers will contact parents by letter home on the 2nd charge; phone the parent on the 3rd charge; submit a list of names on the 5th charge to the administration for assistance in collecting the charges.

Ø  Parents, contacted by the cafeteria personnel, will be advised of “My School Bucks” for setting up an account for their child.