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MCDP Afterschool
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2018-2019 registration Form
Registration information
MCDP Afterschool
Mrs. Brenda's Class
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2018-2019 registration form
Registration Information
2018-2019 registration form

Afterschool care is offered as a service to parents who need care for their children after regular school hours. Holiday and summer care is also available. During holiday and summer care you must walk your child/children in daily. During the holidays and summer months parents must provide a sack lunch.

Our afternoon program is designed to given students an opportunity to relax after a busy day of school. They are provided a snack every afternoon. We encourage our children to complete homework and provide help when needed. Art and crafts, music, organized games and free play time are all part of our program.

Admission Requirements

After-school care is available to children from kindergarten through 6th grade or chronological age of 12. Children must be students of the Elmore County School System.

A fee of $30.00 is required at time of registration at the beginning of each school year.


One child - $45

Each additional child - $40

Summer and Holiday Tuition

One child - $85

Each additional child - $80

Tuition checks or money orders are made payable to Millbrook Child Development Program (MCDP).

*There is a $15 late fee for children who are picked up after 6:00pm

If the Elmore County Schools are closed due to inclement weather, the Child Development Program will not offer services.

Tuition is due each Monday. *There will be a $30 service charge on all returned checks. This program does utilize the District Attorney's Worthless Check Unit.