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21st Century
Community Learning Centers!

Use the links below to access documents about our programs.

Folder 21st Century Community Learning Center 2014-2015 (1 Files)
zip file 2014-2015 21st CCLC
Folder October 2013 Conference Resources (3 Files)
pdf file 21st CCLC Presentation
pdf file Cheat Sheet for the Upload Chart
pdf file Quick Reference
Folder Budget Spreadsheet (2 Files)
doc file Proper Use of Funds
xls file Sample Spreadsheet
Folder Communications (8 Files)
doc file Communications Instructions
doc file Flyer for Letter
doc file Letter to Private Schools
doc file Mailing Labels
doc file Sample Agenda
pub file Sample Newsletter
doc file Sample Sign-in Sheet
doc file Weekly Parent Notice
Folder Handbook/Booklets (7 Files)
pub file Application
doc file Family Fun Book - Elem
doc file Family Fun Book - Middle
doc file Handbook
doc file Handbook Cover
doc file Standards
doc file Study Skills
Folder Operations (13 Files)
doc file Confidential Needs Form
doc file Contracted Services Instructions
doc file Contracts for Vendors/Subcontractors
doc file Daily Lesson Plans
doc file Data Sheet for Students
doc file Family Night Agenda Sample
doc file Homework Sharing Tool
doc file Lesson Plan Guide
doc file Partnership Agreement
doc file Partnership Instructions
jpg file Purchase Order Sample
doc file Site Evaluation
doc file Weekly Lesson Plans
Folder Parenting Brochures (12 Files)
pub file 01 Homework
pub file 02 Reading
pub file 03 Arts & Creativity
pub file 04 Chores
pub file 05 Tweens
pub file 06 Citizenship
pub file 07 Diversity
pub file 08 Manners
pub file 09 Health
pub file 10 Communication
pub file 11 Directory of Community Resources
pub file 12 21CCLC Program
Folder Professional Development (3 Files)
doc file PD Documentation
doc file PD Instructions
doc file PD Websites
Folder Summer Program (2 Files)
doc file Field Trip Form
doc file Summer Instructions
Folder Time Sheets/Schedules (11 Files)
zip file 2014-2015 21st CCLC
doc file Aide Time Sheet
doc file Attendance Sheets/Pay Schedules
doc file Bookkeeper/Secretary Time Sheet
doc file Daily Attendance Report
doc file Monthly Report
doc file Monthly Report Instructions
doc file Pay Agreement to Sign
doc file School Year Checklist
doc file Site Director Time Sheet
doc file Teacher Time Sheet
Folder Community Ed Logos (3 Files)
jpg file Sample 1
png file Sample 2
png file Sample 3