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Name & Position Contact Info
Mrs. Barbara  Burchard
Director of IT Services
334-567-1228  Ext:82114
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Mrs. Tammy  Thornton
Information Systems Specialist
(334) 567-1228  Ext:82110
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Mrs. Diana  Bolt
Information Systems Specialist
(334) 567-1228  Ext:82122
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Mrs. Julie  Powell
Innovation Specialist Grades 7-12
334-567-1228  Ext:82112
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Mr. Tracy   Wright
Innovation Specialist Grades PK-6
334-567-1228  Ext:82113
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Mr. Matt  Harders
Senior Network/Database Manager
(334) 567-1228  Ext:82121
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Mr. John  Pinkard
Network Database Specialist
(334) 567-1228  Ext:82123
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Mr. Chris  Ankers
(334) 567-1228  Ext:82131
Email Mr. Ankers
Mr. Garrett  Burgess
(334) 567-1228  Ext:82134
Email Mr. Burgess
Mr. Jeremy  Sexton
(334) 567-1228  Ext:82133
Email Mr. Sexton
Mr. Caleb  Whorton
(334) 567-1228  Ext:82132
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