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Name & Position Contact Info
Mrs. Cacyce  Davis
CNP Specialist
334-567-1222  Ext:25001
Email Mrs. Davis
Mrs. Mayonette   Salter
Field Supervisor
334-567-1222  Ext:25005
Email Mrs. Salter
Ms. Melinda  Flynn
CNP Office Manager
334-567-1222  Ext:25002
Email Ms. Flynn
Ms. Valerie   Hodges
CNP Bookkeeper
334-567-1222  Ext:25003
Email Ms. Hodges
Mrs. Cindy  Grant
CNP Clerk/Free Reduced Meal Applications
334-567-1222  Ext:25004
Email Mrs. Grant
Mr. Ricky  Spigener
Maintenance Technician
334-567-1222  Ext:25002
Email Mr. Spigener
Mr. John  Lucido
Maintenance Technician
334-567-1222  Ext:25002
Email Mr. Lucido
Mrs. Naomi  Hall
Cafeteria Manager Eclectic Elementary School
334-541-2291  Ext:31035
Email Mrs. Hall
Mrs. Becky  Blackmon
Cafeteria Manager Eclectic Middle School
334-541-2131  Ext:32035
Email Mrs. Blackmon
Ms. Carrie  Emfinger
Cafeteria Manager Elmore County High School
334-541-3661  Ext:33035
Email Ms. Emfinger
Mrs. Linda  Land
Cafeteria Manager Holtville Elementary School
334-569-2925  Ext:41035
Email Mrs. Land
Mrs. Tiffany  Hall
Cafeteria Manager Holtville Middle School
334-569-1596  Ext:42035
Email Mrs. Hall
Ms. Cassy  Mitchell
Cafeteria Manager Holtville High School
334-569-3034  Ext:43045
Email Ms. Mitchell
Mrs. Pamala  Hale
Cafeteria Manager Coosada Elementary School
334-285-0273  Ext:61035
Email Mrs. Hale
Mrs. Laura  Durden
Cafeteria Manager Airport Road Intermediate School
334-285-2115  Ext:62035
Email Mrs. Durden
Ms. Norma  Perry
Cafeteria Manager Millbrook Middle School
334-285-2100  Ext:63035
Email Ms. Perry
Mrs. Cindy  Hester
Cafeteria Manager Stanhope Elmore High School
334-285-4263  Ext:64035
Email Mrs. Hester
Mrs. Connie  Hatcher
Cafeteria Manager Redland Elementary School
334-567-1248  Ext:53035
Email Mrs. Hatcher
Ms. Monique  Chambliss
Cafeteria Manager, Wetumpka Elementary School
334-567-4323  Ext:51035
Email Ms. Chambliss
Ms. Amanda  Danford
Cafeteria Manager Wetumpka Middle School
334-567-1413  Ext:52035
Email Ms. Danford
Mrs. Sandra  Smith
Cafeteria Manager Wetumpka High School
334-567-5158  Ext:54035
Email Mrs. Smith