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Name & Position Contact Info
Mrs. Melynda  Buck
Accounting I
334-567-1200  Ext:20023
Email Mrs. Buck
Mr. Jason  Mann
Chief School Financial Officer
334 567-1200  Ext:20026
Email Mr. Mann
Mrs. Dana  James
Payroll Coordinator
334 567-1200  Ext:20022
Email Mrs. James
Mrs. Melissa  Lowery
Payroll/Inventory Specialist
334 567-1200  Ext:20025
Email Mrs. Lowery
Mrs. Gayle  Norris
Accounts Payable/Operations Specialist
334 567-1200  Ext:20024
Email Mrs. Norris
Mrs. Jeannie  Troglen
School Accounts/Operations Specialist
334 567-1200  Ext:20003
Email Mrs. Troglen