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Mr. Richard  E. Dennis
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Mrs. Jean  Czerpak
Administrative Assistant to Superintendent
334-567-1200  Ext:20014
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Dr. Andre`  L.  Harrison
Administrative Liaison to Schools
334-567-1200  Ext:20017
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Mr. Steve  McKenzie
Interim Assistant Superintendent Human Resources & Elementary Schools
334-567-1210  Ext:20036
Mr. Jason  Mann
Chief Financial Officer
334-567-1200  Ext:20026
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Dr. Jamey  McGowin
Secondary Schools/Student Services Director
334-567-1290  Ext:26001
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Mrs. Celeste  Tilley
Senior Coordinator-Federal Programs
334-514-2810  Ext:24001
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Mrs. Susanne  Goodin
Senior Coordinator-Student Services
334-567-1200  Ext:20042
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Mrs. Barbara  Burchard
Chief Technology Officer
334-567-1228  Ext:82114
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Mrs. Temeyra  C McElrath
Chief Compliance Officer
334-567-1224  Ext:23001
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Mr. Gary  Gregory
Maintenance Supervisor
334-567-1420  Ext:22001
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Mr. Ray  Mullino
Transportation Coordinator
334-567-1229  Ext:21001
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