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Elmore County Public Schools Publications

Folder Extracurricular Activities & Athletics Handbook (1 Files)
Download Extracurricular Activities & Athletics Handbook
Folder Extracurricular Activity-Student Driver Drug Testing Policy (1 Files)
Download Drug Testing Policy
Folder School Calendar (8 Files)
Download 2017-2018 Board Approved Calendar
Download 2016-2017 Board Approved Calendar
Download 2015-2016 Board Approved Calendar
Download 2014-2015 Board Approved Calendar
Download 2013-2014 Board Approved Calendar
Download 2012-2013 Board Approved Calendar
Download 2011-2012 Board Approved Calendar
Download 2010-2011 Board Approved Calendar
Folder Student Handbook & Code of Conduct (2 Files)
Download Forms Booklet 2017-2018
Download Student Handbook 2017-2018
Folder Technology (5 Files)
Download BringYourOwnTechnology
Download 2016 Employee Responsible Use Guidelines
Download 2016 Employee Responsible Use Signature Pg
Download 2016 Student Responsible Use Guidelines
Download 2016 Student Responsible Use Signature Pg
Folder Elmore County BOE Policy Manual (10 Files)
Download Policy Manual Cover Page
Download Preface and Definitions
Download Table of Contents
Download I. Governing Principles
Download II. School Board Operations
Download III. Fiscal Management - Revised 8-21-17
Download IV. General Administration - Revised 1-27-15
Download V. Personnel - Revised 7-24-17
Download VI. Students - Revised 7-24-17
Download VII. Instruction - Revised 7-24-17
Folder Employee Handbook (1 Files)
Download 2017-2018-Employee Handbook
Folder Grievance Policy and Procedural Forms (2 Files)
Download Formal Grievance Procedures
Download Grievance Resolution Form
Folder Instructions for Filing Personal Injury-Property Damage Claim (1 Files)
Download Instructions for Filing Personal Injury-Property Damage0001.pdf
Folder Field Trips (2 Files)
Download Athletic/Extracurricular/Field Trip Authorization
Download Transportation Request
Folder State Incident Report (SIR) (5 Files)
Download 2016-2017 School Incident Reports
Download 2015-2016 School Incident Reports from SDE
Download 2014-2015 School Incident Reports from SDE
Download 2013-2014 School Incident Reports from SDE
Download What is the Alabama School Incident Report
Folder Home Portal (2 Files)
Download Parent Guide
Download Parent Guide - Espanol
Folder Notice - Required under the AHERA Regulations (1 Files)
Download Notice - Required by AHERA Regulations.pdf
Folder District Accreditation (2 Files)
Download External Review Report 4 18 2013
Download Final Accreditation Report Jan 2013
Folder Magazines & Newspapers (4 Files)
Download Alabama School District Drives Greater Safety Across the County
Download Entire LAMP Magazine
Download Excerpt with just Karen Naquin`s Section
Download NSBE Magazine