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Certified Positions

All Administrative and Teaching Positions

Beginning January 1, 2008, all administrative and teaching applications will only be accepted through the Alabama State Department website (  Applicants can complete an application, view job postings, and place their name on an interested applicants list for possible interview with Elmore County at this site. 

You may go directly to this site by clicking on the System Link for the Alabama State Department on this page.  A box will appear on the left hand side of the home page which will say "Teach in Alabama".  Click on the box and follow the instructions to complete an application.

If you are offered a position with the Elmore County Board of Education, you must provide the following documents in addition to your application to make your personnel folder complete.

•1.   Three (3) Elmore County reference forms (located under "Application Forms" on this website or references may be sent from inside the online application).

•2.    Copy of certification

•3.    Copy of HQT letter

•4.    Official transcripts

•5.    Experience forms (EXP Form) from all public school systems where you have been employed.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the Personnel Department with the Elmore County Board of Education at (334) 567-1210.