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Register for National Board Certification

 Spread the word and help us reach the goal of ensuring that every student in America has access to accomplished, Board-certified teachers.



2017-18   Important Dates and Deadlines

Registration   Window

April   1, 2017-January 31, 2018

Registration   (includes payment of $75 fee)

January   31, 2018

Component   Selection (includes payment of component fees)

January   31, 2018

Change of Certificate and/or Specialty Area

January 31, 2018

Change of Component Selection

January 31, 2018

Withdrawal Deadline

January 31, 2018

ePortfolio Submission Window

April-May, 2018

Component 1: Content Knowledge Testing Window

April-June 15, 2018

Score Release

On or before December 31, 2018

The National Board offers standards in 25 certificate areas based on its Five Core Propositions. A standards committee composed of a majority of classroom teachers is appointed for each certificate area. Other members of the committee may include experts in child development, teacher education and relevant disciplines. Standards committees recommend to the National Board the specific standards for each certificate area and advise those involved in developing the corresponding certification process.

The standards and the certificates are structured along two dimensions: the developmental level of students and the subject area(s). You may choose either a generalist or a subject- specific certificate. For a list of the available certificates and the links to the standards, please visit the National Board website at


Please contact Cindy Cochran ( if you have additional questions.