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Name & Position Contact Info
Mrs. Rashawn  Blassingame
SPED Supervisor/Mental Health Lead
334-567-1224  Ext:23003
Email Mrs. Blassingame
Mrs. Temeyra  C McElrath
Chief Compliance Officer
334-567-1224  Ext:23001
Email Mrs. McElrath
Mrs. Joyce   Woodall
Secretary and SETS
334-567-1224  Ext:23002
Email Mrs. Woodall
Ms. Sharon  A Merkerson
334-567-1224  Ext:23004
Email Ms. Merkerson
Susan   Lambert
Homebound Services
334-567-1224  Ext:23902
Email Susan Lambert
Mrs. Tuska  Butler
Student Services Facilitator for RES, WES and 504
Email Mrs. Butler
Ms. Deb  Carroll
Student Services Facilitator, HES, HMS, HHS & 504
334-569-1596  Ext:42227
Email Ms. Carroll
Ms. Kim   S. Chapman
Student Service FacilitatorARIS, SEHS & 504

Email Ms. Chapman
Ms. Stephanie  Daniel
Student Services Facilitator, WMS & WHS and 505

Email Ms. Daniel
Mrs. Michelle  Zeigler
Student Services Facilitator CES/MMS & 504
Email Mrs. Zeigler
Ms. Cynthia  Edwards
Psychometrist, HES/HMS/HHS, Holtville Preschool & Autism
334-569-2925  Ext:41022
Email Ms. Edwards
Mrs. Tera  Dudley McCloud
Psychometrist, MMS, SEHS and Millbrook Preschool
334-285-2100  Ext:63234
Email Mrs. McCloud
Ms. Staci  Myrick
Psychometrist- CES/ARIS/Preschool

Email Ms. Myrick
Mrs. Wendy  A Turley
Psychometrist, WES/WMS/Wetumpka Preschool
334-567-4323  Ext:51031
Email Mrs. Turley
Mrs. Leigh  Walker
Psychometrist, EES, EMS, ECHS & Preschool
334-541-2291  Ext:31209
Email Mrs. Walker
Mrs. Melinda   Allen
Vision, Orientation and Mobility Specialist
334-567-1224  Ext:23911
Email Mrs. Allen
Mr. Edward (Jack)  Mayer
Behavior Specialist for County/School Psychologist
334-399-6447  Ext:52026
Email Mr. Mayer
Ms. Daphne  Dawson
Pre-School/Speech Teacher - Holtville/Millbrook
334-567-1224  Ext:23916
Email Ms. Dawson
Mrs. Kathy  Wilkins
Pre-School/Speech Teacher - Eclectic/Wetumpka
334-567-1224  Ext:23910
Email Mrs. Wilkins
Ms. Tonya   Wilson
Pre-School/Speech Teacher - Holtville/Millbrook
334-567-1224  Ext:23966
Email Ms. Wilson
Mrs. Sharon  Hauk
Adaptive Physical Education
334-567-1224  Ext:23912
Email Mrs. Hauk
Ms. Camie  Hawkins
Occupational Therapist
Email Ms. Hawkins
Mrs. Holley  Taylor
Physical Therapy
334-567-1224  Ext:23905
Email Mrs. Taylor