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Wellness Policy
 Food Pyramid
Food Pyramid
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The Elmore County Board of Education is committed to providing a school environment that enhances learning and development of lifelong wellness practices. To comply with this policy, the Elmore County Board of Education adopts the following goals:

  1. Elmore County’s Child Nutrition Program complies with federal, state, and local requirements. The Elmore County Child Nutrition Program is available to all students.
  1. During the school day, Elmore County school-based activities will be consistent with the local wellness policy goals.
  1. Elmore County Schools will provide nutrition education that is appropriate for students including cultural needs and will be integrated into students’ curriculum to teach and foster life-long healthy eating.
  1. Elmore County will provide opportunities for students to develop the knowledge and skills for specific physical activities, to maintain physical fitness, to ensure students’ regular participation in physical activity, and to teach short-term and long-term benefits of a physically active and healthful lifestyle.
  1. All foods and beverages provided to students during the school day will be consistent with the USDA Smart Snacks in School “All Foods Sold in Schools” Standards.

            * See USDA Smart Snacks in School “All Foods Sold in Schools” Standards..

  1. During the school day, all foods made available on campus will adhere to food safety and security guidelines.
  1. ElmoreCounty will provide a safe, comfortable, pleasing school environment that allows ample time and space for eating meals. Food and/or physical activity will not be used as a reward or punishment.

      *See Federal guidelines regarding ample time and space.

  1. All local wellness policies and any revisions will be submitted to and approved by the district wellness committee prior to going to the Elmore County Board of Education for approval.
  1. All Administrators will be required to quarterly review the schools compliance with and submit the wellness policy review form to the district wellness committee.

To determine if a snack is consistant with the USDA Smart Snacks in School “All Foods Sold in Schools” Standards, you may review the standards listed in the document to the right or select the link below for a calculator.


Smart Snack Calculator