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Elmore County Public Schools

Steps in the Teacher Evaluation Process





Forms Needed


The teacher will be given a rubric-like form to complete prior to being observed. The rubric needs to be completed at the beginning of each full evaluation cycle.

The self-assessment is kept by the teacher for documentation and future reference. In addition, the teacher will use his/her self-assessment to develop the Professional Learning Plan in collaboration with the evaluator at the end of the school year.

Self-Assessment Form



Classroom Observations

The teacher will have 2 or more unannounced observations:

1st - October-November

2nd -February-March

The observation will last a minimum of 45 minutes.

The evaluator will take anecdotal notes* and complete a check list to indicate which activities are observed in the classroom. After each observation, the evaluator will have a post-observation conference.

Observation Check List

Classroom Anecdotal Notes


Dialogues & Principal Data

Teacher could possibly discuss questions with the evaluator.

The evaluator will use this form in taking notes, recording conversations, committee meetings, etc.

Dialogue Data Form

Collaborative Summary Report

To complete this form, the teacher will participate in a discussion with the evaluator at the conclusion of the evaluation process for the year.

The evaluator assesses the teacher through evaluating each of the EDUCATE Alabama standards. Part of the form is completed after each observation and includes data collected from dialogue and other sources.

Collaborative Summary Report


Professional Learning Plan

The PLP is developed jointly with the evaluator and teacher working together to identify goals for the next school year.

The evaluator will lead the teacher to develop a successful PLP with realistic goals and activities. The evaluator will have final approval of the PLP.

PLP Form


*Anecdotal notes take the place of scripting during classroom observations.