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 Educate Alabama
Educate Alabama

EDUCATEAlabama 2012-2013

Training Materials



Importance of EDUCATE/LEADAlabama Video message from Dr. Thomas Bice, State Superintendent of Education concerning the importance of EDUCATE/LEADAlabama.

All of the resources listed below can be found on the EDUCATEAlabama website:

Recorded EA 2012 Training held in Montgomery on July 31, 2012 (2 parts, 1 hour 7 minutes each)

Recorded EA 2012 Webinar for Counselors & Librarians August 16, 2012 (approx. 2 hours)


Training Presentation (PowerPoint)

Training Handouts

Alabama Quality Teaching Standards


 Cost-free professional development opportunities for Alabama's educators


Educator Video Series - for all EA Users - 3-4 minutes


Educator Learning - professional development opportunities embedded in online PLP

Evaluatee Directions (Steps 1-8) All Teachers/Educators


Evaluator Directions (Steps 1-8) All Instructional Leaders

Reviewer Directions (Steps 1-8) All Instructional Leaders designated by local Superintendent

Additional Training Resources as you prepare to implement August 2012:

Understanding the Continuum as the Foundation for EDUCATEAlabama - 8 minute video

Continuum Video Highlights

A Look at Formative vs. Summative Assessment for EDUCATEAlabama - 15 minute video

Formative versus Summative Video Highlights

2011-2012 EA Webinars

  • September 7, 2011: Introduction of 2010-2011 EA Data Reports - 30 minutes
  • October 26, 2011: Elmore County Schools: EA Data Analysis, Self-Assessment and PLP - 30 minutes
  • December 13, 2011: Hoover City Schools: Data Analysis and Supporting Evidence - 30 minutes

February, 2012: WebEx Sessions - EA Year Two Implementation

LEAs Speak Out!