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Password Procedures
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Effective January 5, 2015


1.0 Purpose 
Passwords can be classified as weak or strong based on how difficult they are to guess and/or compute. The Elmore County Public Schools password procedure has been chosen to offer a level of protection beyond simple or weak but not to be so complex as to require being written down and causing additional risk.

2.0 Scope
All faculty/staff of Elmore County Public Schools.

3.0 Procedure

Effective Monday, January 5, 2015, Elmore County Public Schools will implement a new password procedure for all faculty/staff users. When you are prompted to change your password the system will require your password to meet the following criteria:

o    Expiration: Passwords expire every 120 days

o    Length: Passwords must be at least 8 characters long

o    Complexity: Passwords must contain characters from at least three of the following four categories:

                             o    English uppercase characters (A – Z)

                             o    English lowercase characters (a – z)

                             o    Base 10 digits (0 – 9)

                             o    Non-alphanumeric (For example: !, $, #, or %)

o    Name Restrictions: Passwords cannot contain the first name, last name, or username of account in question

o    Password History: None of the previous 4 passwords can be used


Two password examples that meet the requirements of the new policy are:

     Example 1: Elm0r3#1

     Example 2: h3L1ow0r!d