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Mission and Objectives


HIPPY is dedicated to

  • Increasing the chances of positive early school experiences among children from educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Empowering parents to view themselves as primary educators of their children
  • Creating an educational environment in the home that encourages literacy
  • Fostering parental involvement in school and community life
  • Providing parents with the opportunity of becoming paraprofessionals in their own community
  • Helping paraprofessionals develop skills and work experience needed to compete successfully for other jobs in labor markets
  • Stimulating the knowledge development of the child
  • Improving interaction between parents and their children
  • Teaching parents and children the job of learning
  • Breaking through the social isolation of parents

Objectives for Parents

  • A better understanding of the learning process and development of the child
  • Opportunities for learning to look at the child differently
  • Time to pay more attention to the child
  • Opportunities for talking with the child
  • Willingness to assume responsibility for a different area of the child's development
  • Raised consciousness of the role of a parent
  • Improved parent-child relationships
  • Pleasure in participation in enrichment activities
  • Increasing involvement in school issues and activities

For more information, contact

Claire Moore,, 334-567-2810, ext. 24001


MaryAnn Forelle, - 334-567-1200 ext 24005