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Eclectic Center
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Guiding Unique lndividuals
that are Destined to Excel in the 21st Century


Eclectic Middle School
170 South Ann Street
Eclectic,AL. 36024

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La'Tresia Robinson, Site Director



What exactly happens to kids when they participate in after-school programs? According to Safe and Smart: Making the After-School Hours Work for Kids, a June 1998 report produced by the Departments of Justice and Education, evidence exists that quality after-school programs can help

  • decrease juvenile crime, school vandalism, and negative peer influences leading to drug, alcohol, and tobacco use;
  • strengthen students' academic achievement;
  • improve school attendance and reduce dropout rates;
  • help more students do their homework;
  • improve students' behavior in school;
  • boost the number of students who have plans for the future, including goals to finish high school and go on to college.

What Makes Ecletic Middle 21st Century Community learing program unique?

I am so delighted to be working with the 21st Century after school program that will truly make a difference in the lives of our students, parents and  merge the school and community together. 

The purpose of 21st Century Community-Learning Center Grant is to establish community-learning centers that provide students with standards-based academic enrichment classes and opportunities especially in math, reading and writing during out-of-school time. These academic activities are designed to complement the students' regular academic program.

We approach our after-school program with several goals in mind:

  • We work to increase the academic performance of our students in the classroom as well as on standardized tests.
  • We work to improve attendance by making learning a challenging yet fun experience.
  • We work to improve behavior by helping our students develop a sense of self-worth.
  • We involve our families in the education of their children while offering them opportunities to advance their own education and learning.
  • We involve our communities as resources for our students and their families and as opportunities for us to "give back" with service projects.

We want to seize every opportunity to prepare our students to be productive citizens in an every-changing world.  In order to do this, we must provide relevant, engaging, positive learning environments where students are empowered to realize their self-worth through continuous academic, social, and emotional growth.

We give our students and their family members a chance to "shine."  These "points of light" that they generate will help them find a successful future and lead others along a similar path to success.