Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Curriculum Staff

Mr. Steve  McKenzie
Director of Elementary Education (K-4)  
PH: 334-514-2810  Ext:24001

Mrs. Ayena Jackson
Director of Middle School Education (5-8)
PH: 334-567-1290  Ext:26006

Dr. Jamey  McGowin
Director of Secondary Education (9-12) 
PH:334-567-1290  Ext:26001

Mrs. Amy  Harrison
Director of Professional Learning  and Assessment 
PH: 334-567-1290  Ext:26007

Mrs. Tremeca Jackson
Senior Coordinator of Secondary Education
PH: 334-567-1290  Ext:26004

Mr. Tracy Wright
STEM PD Specialist  
PH: 334-567-1290  Ext:26003

Ms. Jessica Hutton
Secondary Education Secretary 
PH: 334-567-1290  Ext:26002

Elementary School
Middle School
High School
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