Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  How do I find out what bus my child will ride?
    Call the school where your child is enrolled.
    When calling the school where your child is enrolled, give them the E-911 address of the location where they will be picked up. The school has a listing of every school bus and the route they take. Each school has the names of all their bus drivers and phone numbers where they can be contacted for information on pick up time. 
  2. How do I know if my children's bus is safe for them to ride?
    Our school buses are inspected once a month by our certified school bus mechanics.
  3. What if my child needs to get off the bus at a different location in the afternoons?
    Request a bus pass from the school.
    The proper way to obtain a bus pass is to send a note from home to the teacher with the address of the location where the child will be getting off the bus. The teacher will in turn send it to the school office and the office staff will write a bus pass for the bus driver. The bus driver will not take the note as a bus pass; they must have an official bus pass from the school office. 
  4. What if the time my child is picked up by the school bus in the morning is not consistent?
    Your child's morning pick time can vary by ten to fifteen minutes.
    Due to heavy traffic in some areas and the fact that not all children on the bus route ride on a daily basis, your child's bus can be a little early or a little late in the mornings. Your child's bus may occasionally have a substitute driver and could also be delayed on those days.                
  5. Who do I contact if my child is having a problem with another child on the bus?
    Contact an administrator at your child's school.